WE ARE REDRASPBERRY. We're sisters and best friends Ally Plummer and Amanda Buccola, and we have been baking together for as long as we can remember. The name RedRaspberry was inspired by The Red Raspberries, our dad's cruise ship band from the 70s. The band's name was inspired by their manager's cup of yogurt in their New York apartment. Who knew the name would come in so handy to us all these years later!

Ally's passion for decorating cakes started in college, and continued to grow after getting married in 2006. Amanda is three years younger and tends to do everything three years later, so she got married in 2009. She worked as a graphic designer in Dallas until we decided to turn our side business of selling cakes into a full time career. Our growing families are part of the reason we started RedRaspberry, it's such a blessing to be at home doing what we love.